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Austechvr is proudly based on the Gold Coast. We really believe in the value that Virtual Reality can bring to many verticles such as Training and Eductation and also the Marketing world.

We have been involved in many projects in both the Training and Marketing space and we see the need for quality Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions increasing as technology continues to improve and allow us to push the boundries even more than we have in the past.

To show off some of our work, below is an example of a Virtual Reality Activation we did for the Daily Mail Australia for their Generation Z Roadshow in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Accelerate your Training outcomes with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Training and Marketing with Immersive Video

We also create amazing Virtual Reality and Marketing Experiences for business with Immersive 360 Video. We have worked with businesses such as Queensland Rail and Marketing Agencies to create immersive experiences with video.

The power of immersive video when combined with our Custom Cardboard VR headsets or the higher end Oculus or Vive Virtual Reality Headsets is amazing.

They really make a person feel that they are experiencing a Marketing Campaign instead of just watching it.

For training, you can have employees go through what we call Experiential Repetitions where they actually feel like they are doing what they are watching and gain real training outcomes. This is a very fast and efficient way of training employees and is completly scalable.

We can use Immersive video with Anything from teaching people how to make coffee through to Inductions, Toolbox Training and safety.

VR training also ensures your employees feel present without distraction when undertaking training.

Custom Cardboard VR Headsets

AustechVR is Australia’s leading Custom Cardboard VR supplier, we have supplied many businesses and events within Australia with amazing results. We get why Cardboard VR Headsets are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use. Customers love immersive media (VR) and having an amazing custom branded Cardboard VR Headsets to present that amazing content creates excitement and a lasting impression that you are an innovative and exciting brand.

Australia’s Leading Supplier of VR Cardboard Headsets and VRGo Headsets

AustechVR operates with the purpose of creating meaningful and inspiration virtual reality experiences for the people of Australia. We are welcoming to wholesale customers and would like you to feel free to contact us if you would like to make a bulk purchase on our range of products and we will get back to you with pricing and delivery time estimation. We sell a range of products including Cardboard VR headsets.

We deliver our exceptional range of products and Services to customers within Australia and abroad.

Virtual Reality Consultants

We have been working in Virtual Reality since 2016. If you have a brilliant idea or need some help or advice on a potential Virtual Reality Project please reach out.

We will use plain language and find the best solution and method for your project.

Revolutionising the way Athletes prepare and Train

Take Sports Training to the new heights.

AustechVR have developed a technique that we call VRREPS .

VRREPS combines physical training with Virtual Reality to enhance the proven benefits of Visualisation. VRREPS can be used for athletes from most sports including the 4 football codes, Basketball, combat sports and even Lawn Bowls!

If you are interested in leveraging VRREPS to give your athletes an edge please contact us at [email protected]

Contact us for more information

If you have any inquiries regarding any of the products available at AustechVR please fill out the form below or give us a call on 1300 850 353 and one of our staff will be happy to assist you with your inquiries.

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