Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solutions for Tourism, Attraction and Marketing

Austechvr has a sharp focus. In the Covid-19 world we live in right now. We are dedicated to helping City Councils, Regions, States get back on their feet once the threat passes.

Our solution is to assist in the attraction of Tourists, Events and Teams back into our communities. We think this is the fastest way that we will see businesses get back on their feet and also get many people back into employment.

Augmented Reality Book

Augmented reality is the solution we are offering in this instance, we can Activate your current Physical Assets such as Booklets, Maps and Brochures all the way through to activating areas such as buildings and cities.

Let us help you create content that will truly engage potential tourists, businesses and sporting teams to leverage what your location has to offer.

The time is now to begin planning for this and the technology to deliver these campaigns are in everyones hands via the way of a Smartphone.

Virtual Reality Solutions

Austechvr have skills and a team to build out your Virtual Reality Solutions. From Automotive Experiences where we have mastered vehicle Physics through to Marketing solutions our team have you covered.

We are an Australian owned company and our team is also located in Australia so you can be rest assured that we have the stability and skills to ensure your projects are more than your could have hoped for.

One of our favourite Virtual Reality Marketing Campaigns was created for the Daily Mail Australia, see the experience the youtube link below.       

Daily Mail Australia Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality for Vehicles

We have done some amazing work to build out some physics that really represent how a vehicle behaves in real life.

The reason this is important is so that we can then provide amazing solutions by the way of driving rigs for a variety of reasons from Driver Safety, Entertainment through to driver safety. We can create and replicate just about any vehicle and its handling.

Click on the image below to view the Youtube Video of our Automotive Physics capabilities. 

Vehicle Virtual Reality

Accelerate outcomes with XR

Virtual Reality Consultants

We have been working in Virtual Reality since 2016. If you have a brilliant idea or need some help or advice on a potential Virtual Reality Project please reach out.

We will use plain language and find the best solution and method for your project. Feel free to engage us and we will get you on the path. 

Revolutionising the way Athletes prepare and Train

Take Sports Training to the new heights.

AustechVR have developed a technique that we call VRREPS .

VRREPS combines physical training with Virtual Reality to enhance the proven benefits of Visualisation. VRREPS can be used for athletes from most sports including the 4 football codes, Basketball, combat sports and even Lawn Bowls!

If you are interested in leveraging VRREPS to give your athletes an edge please contact us at [email protected]

Contact us for more information

If you have any inquiries regarding any of the products available at AustechVR please fill out the form below or give us a call on 1300 850 353 and one of our staff will be happy to assist you with your inquiries.

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