JauntVR App

Invisible JauntVR

We came across JauntVR by accident whilst scrolling through the Play Store looking at different VR Apps. I have to say that we were pleasantly surprised!

So, we installed this App and loaded it up, slotted the phone into the Google Cardboard VR Headset and were taken on many different roads. JauntVR is Cinematic Virtual Reality experience.

Firstly, the navigation is quite intuitive and like any good VR App is controlled purely by sight. Although the little menu button that hung around became quite annoying during the short films.

We started with a Pearl Harbour experience which was really good and a mix of old footage and new giving us a great insight into one small piece of that disaster.

We then moved on immediately to the short film Longing for Wilderness which was really really good. It started in a funny way, in a gutter of a street in a city but finished with the most wonderful Vista imaginable. The only problem with this is it was not long enough.

From this point, we thought it would be a great idea to check out the Invisible Virtual Reality Series. This was really good, you have a series of short films that follow a death of a rich and powerful man and the wash-up from that. But there is a twist that we will not get into here, it is best for you to watch the series.

JauntVR has a large selection of short films, there is something for everyone! In fact, once I finish writing this I think I will delve back into the App for a bit more fun.

I can choose from Historical Films, Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction and Documentary to name a few genres. This is an App along with Within that is at the top of the tree for VR Apps right now.

Thanks JauntVR, it is appreciated! 

You can grab the App for Iphone here and Android Here.

Incell – A Virtual Reality Game

Incell VR Game

Imagine piloting a nano craft or ship around someone’s body at full throttle to rid it of influenza or other disruptive cells. Well now you can with Incell the Virtual Reality Game!

When you first jump into this game the first thing that strikes you is the great graphical world that has been built by the creators Nival

The gist of the story is that you are racing down veins and capillaries in a nano robot craft whilst annihilating rogue cells carrying germs that are going to cause issues. At the same time you have to be careful not to obstacles and all the while picking up protein and other goodies whilst trying to outrun the viral wave.

During your missions you are kept company by a AI assistant who affectionately calls you human. She reminds you if you are going to slow, hitting too many obstacles and that the wave of Influenza cells are about to overtake your ship and destroy you. Oh, occasionally she will say well done you are doing a good job Human!

This game is a great educational resource to allow kids to understand how cells invade the body and how our body goes on the offensive via our immune system to make you healthy again. On top of being educational it is quite fun and will see you sitting in your chair navigating with violent thrusts of your head as you navigate all obstacles in your wake and try to pick up as many goodies as you can.

AustechVR recommend this app for kids and adults alike, it is quite engaging and there are lots of lessons about the human to be picked up. The world that has been built is colorful, engaging and detailed and really puts you in a different place as Virtual Reality should.

Find this game for IOS and Android.