Milky Way VR


Milky Way VR

After our post on the wonderful Milky Way 360 Video we have found that people want more. No wonder when you think of the amazing images that can be caught of this amazing system of Stars.

Before we provide you with some simply stunning 360 video of the Milky Way let’s discover what it actually is. The Milky Way is our home Galaxy, it has our Solar System as one small part of it.

From Earth, the Milky Way Galaxy appears as a band of light from the countless stars that are clustered in it. The reason it looks like a band is because it is a disc-shaped Galaxy and we are viewing it from within, pretty cool huh?

Now let us blow your mind! The Milky Way is one Galaxy, we can see how many Stars and Solar Systems are a part of it. They are impossible to count! It is estimated though that the Milky Way has between 100 – 400 Billion Stars!

You would think that each Star would have a couple of planets rotating around it at least, so it is possible that there are over 1 Trillion planets in our little Galaxy.

It gets better, the Milky Way is one of 2 Trillion Galaxies in our Observable Universe.

Observable Univers

2 Trillion looks like this – 2,000,000,000,000! Now if start to think of how many stars and how many planets are in our Observable Universe and you will find that your brain could possible start frying.

The point must also be made that we have never viewed the Milky Way from outside simply because we have not managed to get a device that far away from Earth.

So, I hope that your understanding of how amazing our Milky Way is makes these 360 Degree Video’s even better. These videos are best viewed in our amazing Google Cardboard VR Headsets.

VR Mac-Pan a Pac-Man Game


VR Mac-Pan a Pac-Man Game

Nearly everyone knows of Pac-Man, well I just finished playing a few rounds of VR Mac-Pan and wow it was fun.

So, this is a pretty basic game which is why it is so good. You find yourself in a maze with a bunch of white balls ready for you to collect, sounds familiar right? The clincher here is that you are not looking at the maze from above but actually in it. Because of this the degree of difficulty is through the roof.

Navigation is pretty simple, you just need to turn to the left or right to keep on following and collecting balls. I did find that a number of times because I was lined up right behind the balls that I could not see the Giant Killer balls that were also collecting approach and kill me.

So a trick I learned pretty quickly was that you can sort of lean out a bit and try to see what is coming, the game does allow you to do this. It is not enough though just to try and see ahead, as it is a maze and you want to collect white balls all the time you are venturing into new areas where the Giant Killer balls are also farming, they can come from anywhere.

This is a great concept and the simplicity and familiarity are definitely clinchers in making this game very enjoyable for short bursts. It brings back one of the most popular arcade games of all time and brings it Virtual Reality, a perfect mix of old and new. On a side note this game works a treat in our

On a side note this game works a treat in our Google Cardboard VR Headsets.

So get onto the App Store or Play Store and look up VR Mac-Pan and give it a spin.  I am sure you will find it harder than the original Pac-Man and just as fun.




Heston Blumenthal SBSVR

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is Australia’s most diverse and may we suggest the most interesting Television Service in Australia. They bring us awesome TV, many Radio shows and now an SBSVR App.

The SBS is a service that provides a lot of foreign material and the more diverse content in the Australian media landscape. They are quite innovative in that their Catch Up Television App is one of the best in the country and have now entered the world of Virtual Reality (VR).

This App worked wonderfully with AustechVR’s Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets.

So, I decided to try out their App and found that it was not overly flush with content but the content that was there was good. We had stuff like

  • ‘First Contact’
  • ‘A pigs life with Matthew Evans’
  • ‘Festival of Light – Tomorrows Diwali’
  • ‘Welcome to Garma’
  • ‘Zombies in 360 from Mythbusters’
  • ‘Inside Hestons World – Explore the Fat Duck’

All this content was in small bite size portions but was interesting none the less with great production and the promise of more VR content in the future. This is an app you should get behind in the hope that it encourages SBS to make available more VR content from not only them but also the other Television networks in Australia.

So, what did I enjoy the most? I really like Zombies so the Mythbusters Zombies in 360 was pretty fun. I really like <a href="http://www project planning”>Heston blumenthal as he has one of the most bizarre and interesting minds in the world of cooking and the story of Melbourne’s Fat Duck was quite cool.

My favorite though was the Festival of Light – Tomorrow’s Diwali which featured a fellow using a Tilt Brush to create 3 different pieces of art whilst you stood in the middle of his creations and watched on. The Tilt brush technology is very cool and this gives you a small taste of what is possible with that tech.

You can find this app by searching for SBSVR on the Apple AppStore or Google Play.


Rogue One 360 Degree Video

Rogue One 360 Degree Video

Rogue One 360 Degree Video

Rogue One a Star Wars Story is one of the mega movies of 2016 and will be smashing records well into 2017. This is the perfect reason to break out the AustechVR Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset and check out some Rogue One 360 degree Youtube Video Action.

Rogue One: Recon A Star Wars 360 Experience!

This is a brilliant video, puts you right in the hot seat and you get to experience what it is like approaching the Death Star whilst under heavy fire from X-Wing fighters!

Simply, enjoy 360 Video, one of the best ways to get the best out of your Google Cardboard!

Virtual Reality For Your Marketing Campaign

Virtual Reality is really starting to get some traction worldwide task management tool. You will see that you can leverage the popularity of Virtual Reality for your marketing campaigns.

How can you use Virtual Reality for Marketing?

AustechVR have had many clients take up the option of using Fully Branded Google Cardboard VR Headsets for events in 2016. Your customer immediately has a higher level of excitement at your event. They may know a little about VR but do not actually know what it can do. Or they could know a lot and are eager to show off it’s capabilities to others.

With the Google Cardboard VR Headsets you utilise the power of the attendees Smartphones. When the customer leaves the event, they will keep their Google Cardboard Headset that has your branding or the events branding printed onto the outside for everyone to see.

This sure beats handing out the usual pens, notepads, USB drives and the like. You can even produce your own VR or 360 video content to compliment your custom headsets.

A little history on VR and why the time for headsets such as the Google Cardboard is here!

Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for a long time in one form or another, it all started in 1838 when Charles Wheatstone showed that the brain can process 2 different 2D images on each eye to create an object of 3 Dimensions. If you are interested in the history of VR read more here.


VR has really begun to hit it’s straps just recently with technology leaping ahead via the amazingly powerful smartphones that are being produced. Smartphones have enabled developers to produce content and implement techniques once only thought possible on the larger more expensive Fully Featured VR Headsets.

A few years ago, you could buy a Google Cardboard version 1 headset that needed to be assembled before use. Only then to discover a handful of Apps and limited content available for you to consume.

Enter 2016 and beyond, we have had over 10 million downloads of the Google Cardboard App. We have over 360,000 hours of 360 VR Video on the 360 channel at Youtube along with 1.9 million subscribers. We have thousands of Apps and games for the Google Cardboard which include loads of free ones ready for use.

Video content, in particular is where VR is pushing ahead for the Mobile market, also games and experiences provide the Google Cardboard user with hours of fun and excitement.

With 2016 nearly behind us, think of your next event in 2017 and contact us for more information on how to get your headsets. We specialise in bulk Custom Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets.