6 VR Apps for Education


6 VR Apps For Education

Educators at all levels from Prep through to University and Vocational courses are utilising the power of Virtual Reality at an increasing rate. To assist educators starting out with VR in the classroom we have put together this list of VR Apps for Education.

The list comprises only of Apps that have versions for both Apple iPhone and Android Devices.

We hope that this guide really helps you take learning to another level. VR is powerful, Students of all learning styles become engaged in this medium, they experience the space, time or subject as if they were there! After all, they were, virtually.

Another way of looking at VR for education is this! VR is the Gamification of learning!


Cost $13.99 for Android.





This is an outstanding App!

The environment that the crew at Umimersiv is first class, it is polished and very intuitive to navigate.

The experiences take in the Titanic, Acropolis of Athens, Anatomy VR, ISS, Dinosaur, Human Brain, Stonehenge, Rome and the Cardiovascular System.

As well as that they also provide courses such as American Revolution, Chinese Basics, French Revolution, Ancient Egypt, Search Engine Optimisation, Italian, Business Strategy, Business Model Canvas and Social Media Marketing.

As you can see this App covers a large and diverse range of subjects and is always adding to them. Not only is the content available but it is put together beautifully.

At the cost of $13.99 per install it is well worth it, your students of all ages will get a lot out of this outstanding App.

Just a side-note, it seems as though the full App is not available for Apples IOS but the Universiv Rome experience is available to download and the link is shown above.

Discovery VR





Discovery VR is a great resource to provide that additional content to your lesson plan. It is not a teaching App such as Unimersiv but it does have a lot of Science presented in the way of Immersive VR which really gets your students attention.

They have content ranging from Gold mining through to Shark Week! At the time of writing this article, Discovery VR was in the middle of Shark Week. I spent time learning about and swimming with a massive school of Hammer Head Sharks and learning that they are social and very gentle!

Wearing a headset is and experiencing the content of Discovery VR is certainly fun and engaging.

The bonus is here, they are always updating their library so this App will provide you with years of gold.






Public Speaking is a very important skill, it is also one of those things that people really fear!

If you have spoken publicly enough you would know that the more you do it the more you get de-sensitsed to the fear and anxiety that comes from speaking in front of a group of people.

This App does just that, it puts you in front of many people and trains you in the art of Public Speaking. Great for School Leaders and class presentations, it is a must-have tool for helping not just students but everyone improve their Public Speaking Skills.






If you want to take your students into the Human body then this is the App for you. During my testing I took a tour through the Gastrointestinal Tract, I will never look at what happens when I eat my food the same way again. It was fascinating!

The perfect App for your students to actually take a ride inside the human body and truly appreciate what it is and how it works.


King Tut VR




Many students learn about Ancient Egypt and there is no more famous Pharaoh than King Tut. I remember learning about King Tut as a child and the fact that he was so young really allowed me to relate to him, I still have that interest in him today.

This App allows your students to really dive deep into the world of Ancient Egypt and get a taste for what it is like on the ground. A very good App that everyone will love.

King Tut VR

Google Expeditions

This is another amazing App that allows teachers to take their students on guided tours of areas that we just cannot get too. This is a fantastic App and a lot of schools in Australia utilise this content.

Read here for further information on Google Expeditions.

Google Expeditions

Finding Immersive Video for education

Sometimes you may be teaching something that has no appropriate VR App. In these instances, I recommend going to Youtube. Youtube has a massive and ever-growing library of Immersive 360 Degree Video content that is perfect for a VR Headset and your classroom.

For example, I could not find an education App for Vikings! So, I went to youtube and searched for “Vikings 360 Video” and a bunch of great content came up. Of course, you will see non-relevant video pop up such as the Vikings NFL Team but there is loads of gold in a youtube search of this kind.



Mobile VR Marketing and Education

VR Marketing

Mobile VR Marketing and Education

The purpose of this article is to show that VR, in particular, Mobile VR’s uptake is growing at a rapid rate. We also have a few controversial comments in regards to what is VR 🙂

At AustechVR we speak with a lot of people and we also read a lot of stories online regarding the current state of Virtual Reality (VR) and the rise of Augmented Reality (AR). We find that there is always some hand-wringing from many that think VR is not being picked up fast enough or that AR is going to completely blow VR out of the water.

Prior to the recent Apple iPhone 8 and X release, many industry insiders were predicting that AR would crush VR and that would be that. This opinion has all but evaporated recently due to the iPhone not being nearly as AR ready as some may have wished.

All of a sudden there is a lot of chatter regarding VR which is great.

Now, VR is a big landscape. Proper VR if you would call it that is most commonly run on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, these two platforms are in a price war at the moment. These headsets are “True” VR, they provide 6 degrees of Freedom (6DoF) which means that you can walk around the Virtual Environment and interact with different objects in that environment.

This allows for some pretty amazing games and apps such as the Tilt Brush and also allows for some pretty realistic on the job training for anyone from Mechanics to Surgeons.

There is only one problem – That is that the Vive and Oculus Rift has had a small take up of users due to the price of the headset and the fact that you need a very beefy computer with a high end graphics card to run it.

VR Marketing

What is Virtual Reality?

Let’s talk about Mobile VR. Some VR enthusiasts get upset when we use the term VR for phones because they say it is not technically VR. They say to have Virtual Reality you need 6DoF, anything else is just 360-Degree technology.

What does Wikipedia say Virtual Reality is?

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer technology that uses Virtual Reality Headsets or multi-projected environments, sometimes in combination with physical spaces, to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment.


So I read that and would have to say that Mobile VR is actually Virtual Reality. It simulates a user’s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment.

360-Degree ticks the box on this, when you see a person put on a Google Cardboard Headset for the first time and experience 360-Degree video inside that device they are blown away. That simple 360 footage experienced from inside a Cardboard Headset can feel very immersive, particularly if you add to that some headphones!

Marketing and VR.

VR Marketing

A lot of people would say that games are a massive driver of Virtual Reality. I would certainly agree with that, they have pushed us to where we are now particularly with the higher end headsets and a lot of the new stand alone headsets that will be coming out late 2017 including the Vive Focus. http://phandroid.com/2017/09/18/standalone-vr-headset-htc-vive-focus/

What we are seeing from our viewpoint in Australia is a massive push by Marketing companies to provide immersive 360-Degree experiences the Google Cardboard. A few points here, nearly everyone has a smartphone that is capable of running Google Cardboard VR Apps starting with Youtube.

Businesses have twigged that Immersive Media not only shows people something but allows them to experience something! The potential customer have not just seen it, they have been there.

Coupled with some snappy branding on Google Cardboard Headsets you have a clear winner on how to have people actually remember and enjoy their interaction with your Brand or Cause.

In this day and age where people are so much more in tune with advertising this is something that really stands out and at the same time feels completely intuitive and natural.

Another area we are seeing a lot of growth is in the education sector. Education institutions ranging from State Schools through to Universities are utilising Mobile VR at an ever-increasing rate.

Putting students into an immersive environment flicks the switch for a lot of kids, they are fully immersed in an environment and loving the experience as opposed to staring out the window whilst they watch another dry Video or read from a book.

As we know, not all kids learn the same way and Mobile VR really engages with most providing a good chance that most students will learn. We have seen Language Apps, Googles own Expeditions as some VR Apps being utilised with an ever growing list.

So from where we sit, VR is in a good space. Immersive Media, Mobile Phone Technology and Cheap Headsets such as the Google Cardboard or VRGo are helping this along with the vital ingredient, people.

Virtual Tours – Unfair Advantage in Real Estate

3D Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours – Unfair Advantage in Real Estate

Any Real Estate Business worth its salt is using Professional High-Quality images, Video introducing Property and even Drones to show the Property from above.

But, there is one thing that some very successful agents are using that is not only bringing in more clients but also many more high quality leads for the properties that they are selling.

This one thing is Virtual Tours! The ability to have clients from anywhere on the Planet stroll through the property virtually is revolutionary.

The buyer already knows what the property looks like, after all, they have been there and already fallen in love with it.

After a potential client has been through a Virtual Tour then they can decide if they want to look at the property physically which makes them a very valuable lead.

A Virtual Tour of a Rural Property Enables more prospective buyers to view the property

The buyer already knows what the property looks like, after all, they have been there and already fallen in love with it. Even better, imagine selling a property after a Virtual Tour and the appropriate due diligence, it has happened.

We have found that Buyers are 60% more likely to email an agent and 95% more likely to call about a property listed on www.realestate.com.au that has a 3D Virtual Tour. (Source: Mixpanel Analytics, iOs app, last 30 days as of 19 May 2016).

The thing is, many Real Estate Businesses have not caught onto the power of the Virtual Tour, particularly one that is so Stunning and Engaging as the Virtual Tours that AustechVR provide. The other point is, is that the public is switching onto and loving Virtual Tours.

We have found that price is a perceived barrier for many Agents but is, in reality, a lot more affordable than what you would think. The Return on this small investment in particularly for higher end properties or properties in Rural Regions is staggering.

In addition to the assumption of the cost we have found many Agents are hesitant in adopting new marketing technologies or methods, they prefer to wait and see what the market leaders in Real Estate do and then jump on board.

Are you a market leader?

AustechVR service SE/QLD and Northern NSW for amazing 3D Virtual Tours and if you are in NSW, Victoria or Tasmania we have a trusted partner that we can refer you onto.

We want you to Dazzle your clients, both sellers and buyers using our amazing Virtual Tours and assist you in growing your business and reputation doing that.

If you are interested in a 3D Virtual Tour please email Sales@AustechVR.com.au or call 1300 850 353.