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Be it 360 Video or VR video, Immersive Media productions allow people to feel like they have already experienced a space, place or time without having been there. A traditional video is a little different in that it shows a space, place or time, without allowing you to feel connected in the same way.

  • 14% of video marketers have used 360 video as a channel. (Down from 15% in 2018.) Out of those
  • 74% say it’s been successful for them. (Up from 62% in 2018.)
  • 19% plan to use it in 2019.

360 Video productions save people time. A quick look at your space can help them decide quickly whether they like what they see and connect with you. By using 360 video or VR video productions as a tool for providing more thorough and customised information about a space, your customers will thank you for it.

The team at Wyzowl have come up with the stats via their annual report on the state of Video Marketing in 2019. The numbers below show that the use of 360 Video is still low but the those who have used it say it has been successful for them.

  • 14% of video marketers have used 360 video as a channel. (Down from 15% in 2018.) Out of those
  • 74% say it’s been successful for them. (Up from 62% in 2018.)
  • 19% plan to use it in 2019.

Look at the 360 video below as an example. In only a few minutes you know what shops are where, where the beach and showers are. In short, our 360 video will allow you to know exactly where to go in Surfers Paradise, even if you haven’t been there.

360 Video production and Facebook are Powerful companions

By using our 360 video and VR video production services, you can allow customers to visit your restaurant, gym, or accommodation right from the Magic Window that appears in Facebook.  They can swipe around with their fingers or move their phone in different directions to see the space as it is.

The truth is, people find 360 Video productions, VR video and 360 images fascinating. 360 and VR video productions are such a novel experience that people tend to take time to check it out when it appears on their feed. All you need to do is create a targeted Facebook marketing campaign and watch the engagement, interest and bookings sky-rocket.

Facebook is the fastest way to share your content with a lot of people. It is no good having the best content but no-one to see it.

New to Facebook marketing? No worries, we can help launch your Facebook advertising campaign as well.

Live Stream events in Brisbane, Gold Coast with one of our 360 video productions

We can live stream from your conference or event in 360 on either Facebook or YouTube! We can go as far as setting our camera up on a chair so that people feel that they are sitting in the audience!

We can set it up on stage so that your audience has the box seat and can look around and experience the whole event.

Again, our experience is that customer engagement with our VR and 360 video productions in live streams on YouTube and Facebook is substantial! Using 360 or VR video productions is a way of really capturing your audience’s imagination and increasing engagement.

VR and 360 Video Marketing Campaigns

If you wish to ensure that your VR or 360 video production will be as effective as possible you might consider leaving the production of some great 360 or VR Video content up to us. Even better, you can then promote it via our amazing Custom Google Cardboard Headsets. 360 and VR Video productions are much more immersive once you view it through a headset.

Often we find that when people put on a custom headset and experience one of our 360 or VR video productions it tends to be their first virtual reality experience.

This is valuable to your brand because they will associate your brand with this exciting, novel experience, which is likely to stay with them for a long time.

This means prolonged brand exposure down the line as the prospective customer might share this experience with family or friends.

For max exposure, you can repurpose the 360 video content and use it on your website and share it via social media whilst getting that massive kick with some targeted marketing!

Bring people into your Gold Coast business with 360 or VR video productions

Marketing is not all about spruiking your services all the time, documenting what you do can really have a massive impact on how people see your business.

If you have a great space you wish for people to see, or an event happening, do not underestimate how effective a 360 or VR video production can be to your customers. By creating some 360 Video showcasing procedures, wins, product testing/manufacturing can really bring the audience to you.

Not many businesses think this way, which is why you will be able to stand out from the crowd because you are offering something different.

Imagine owning a Hang-Gliding business and showing people throwing themselves from Mt Tamborine. Would that be something you could market to help grow your business?

Marketing Tip

360 Video is not essential here, you can do the same thing with your mobile phone and bring people into your business

360 video Time-Lapse productions are eye-catching

Imagine you have a busy store or project, show people what happens through the day with a 360 Time-Lapse. Perhaps you can see the rush hour of your fish and chip shop or cafe through to a landscaping project. Time-lapse use comes down to your imagination, it is very effective.

Immersive 360 Video Experiences Gold Coast and Brisbane

Immersive 360 Degree Video Experiences have become very popular, this is the area where AustechVR started. The increased demand for 360 Video and related hardware has certainly driven our industry forward. We find that all industries are using 360 Video and amazing Custom Google Cardboard Headsets.

360 Video is a perfect way to bring people into your space, a place, environment or Marketing Campaign. People really get a sense that they have teleported to that location and feel so much more in tune with your message or intention.

If you want to chat to us about how you can use 360 Video or VR video productions for your business or event in Brisbane, Gold Coast or SE QLD please contact us via the form below or [email protected] or phone 1300 850 353.

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