About Us

AusTechVR was created because we are flabbergasted by what Virtual Reality can do and where it is going. AustechVR has a goal of getting as many Cardboard Headsets into Australians hands as possible. We believe in this amazing technology and the joy and wonder it can bring to so many.

We have got off to a good start with thousands of Aussies using our headsets. We have grown to the point of us having a factory that manufactures our headsets for us and ensures great quality.

The need for good quality but cheap entry level Virtual Reality Headsets is strong as everyone starts to become aware of the potential in so many areas of Virtual Reality (VR). For this reason we decided that AusTechVR can fill that need for so many people out there. We are proud of our product and excited by it’s simplicity and power. There are so many uses for VR, from the obvious games, video and exploring destinations.

“We are proud of our product and excited by it’s simplicity and power.”

But there are other more noble uses, such as the ability to take someone in aged care and give them an immersive experience that would be impossible to get any other way. This can be life changing, think about the power there. Apply this to those stuck in hospital or not so mobile, it really opens some powerful doors.

On the flip side there are other exciting uses for VR. Uses such as sitting court-side of an NBA game or having the best seat at an FA Cup Final. It is as if you are sitting there, you can look around and watch the game just like you would in real life from the comfort of your home.

We offer wholesale prices for those buying in bulk. Depending on the amount you want, we may need a lead time of 14 days.  So if you are thinking of buying in bulk please reach out early.  We need to give the boys and girls at our Factory time to make your wonderful headsets.

You can also feel safe visiting AusTechVR, we have security built into our site to ensure you can shop in confidence. If you look at the address bar right now you will notice a secure green padlock. This means our store and your transaction is protected by some wonderful SSL Security technology.

If you need to reach out, please call us on 1300 850 353  or email sales@AusTechVR.com.au.