About AustechVR

We call the Gold Coast home and are based in the Bond University Precinct at Varsity Lakes. Whilst Virtual and Augmented Reality is cool what we really enjoy about the New Media space is the impact it can have on people.

In the Covid-19 world we live in now we have a focus of helping Local and State Governments bring as many people into their areas as possible. Tourism, Events and other types of Attraction are key to this and will stimulate the local economies which will bring back much needed employment.

We are integtating Augmented Reality into current campaigns, using digital assets that have been created and also creating new assets to bring things like books, brochures, events, buildings through to cities to life with Augmented Reality.

Austechvr meeting

We have also been working in the Automotive space and have developed a method to bring flawless physics to vehicles of all types in not only Virtual Reality but also other Digital Platforms

We have a great team that is extremely talented, we are focused on value and Return on Investment. We are also proudly Australian owned and staffed.

We would love to learn about you as well, if you want connect feel free to contact us on 1300 850 353, [email protected] or the form below.