About AustechVR

AustechVR started out providing businesses with Custom Cardboard VR Headsets, we have grown over that time and have evolved into Virtual Reality Agency based on the Gold Coast.

Of course, we have not stopped providing quality VR Headsets to Australian Businesses, we will certainly continue to do that. Particularly as we see Immersive Media gaining great traction particularly in the Marketing and Social Engagement spaces.

We have a strong focus on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Development. We focus our development services on Training, Education, and Marketing solutions.

AustechVR wants to win with our customers! We see the VR/AR Space as a game changer for businesses of all types with its rapidly evolving technology and cost and time savings it provides businesses that use it.

Our Services Include.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Development.

We have a team of brilliant Australian Developers with experience in Government including Defence and implementation of many other training and Marketing projects behind them.

Our Development team are agile and understand Australian Business requirements.

No matter the size of your project, please feel free to contact us via the form at the bottom of this page so we can have a chat and see how best to help you!

Virtual Reality Art

We have an amazing Virtual Reality Artist that is on our books and create magical scenes and even 3D busts of people for use in Virtual Reality Solutions.

Our VR Artist utilises Tilt Brush and can really turn heads with their artwork.

If you need some amazing Artwork created in Virtual Reality please contact us via the form at the bottom of the page.

Immersive 360 Video

We provide 360 Degree Live Streams directly on Youtube or Facebook, perfect for that special event or conference. We also create content for your Social or Website to engage your customers and bring them even closer insight into what you do and why you do it. Have a look at an example of our work, here we are looking around Surfers Paradise in 360!

Our VR Headsets

Over time we have become expert at providing businesses small and large our Custom Cardboard VR Headsets and have had them distributed to all corners of the globe.

We now have our own VR Go Virtual Reality Headsets that fill the need for a higher-end experience.

You can also feel safe visiting AusTechVR, we have security built into our site to ensure you can shop in confidence. If you look at the address bar right now you will notice a secure green padlock. This means our store and your transaction is protected by some wonderful SSL Security technology.

If you need to reach out, please call us on 1300 850 353  or email sales@AusTechVR.com.au

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