About Us


AustechVR specialise in Teleportation via Virtual Reality Headsets and capturing 360 spaces. Teleportation you ask?

Our headsets combined with your phone and the never ending supply of 360-degree content available allows you to Teleport yourself instantly anywhere in the globe or even places that do not actually exist.

Over time we have become expert at providing businesses small and large our Custom Google Cardboard Headsets and have had them distributed to all corners of the globe.

We now have our own VR Go Virtual Reality Headsets that fill the need for a higher end experience. Because we work in a very innovative field we have felt the need to branch out further. These are the perfect Teleportation Device in our opinion, great lenses, comfort mixed with portability.

Our fascination with 360 content has evolved into AustechVR now capturing spaces such as Exhibitions, Real Estate and Retail amongst others with our cutting edge 3D Scanner and 4K 360 camera hardware.

This allows people from all over the world to instantly Teleport themselves to your Space which is an insanely powerful ability.

Between you and me, having us come in and scan your space will not cost the earth, in fact it is quite affordable.

We do offer wholesale prices for bulk purchasing. We do have a fair level of stock in our Gold Coast Warehouse at all times.

But depending on the amount you want, we may need a little lead time before you have your products in hand. So if you are thinking of buying in bulk please reach out early.  We need to give the boys and girls at our Factory time to make your wonderful headsets.

You can also feel safe visiting AusTechVR, we have security built into our site to ensure you can shop in confidence. If you look at the address bar right now you will notice a secure green padlock. This means our store and your transaction is protected by some wonderful SSL Security technology.

If you need to reach out, please call us on 1300 850 353  or email sales@AusTechVR.com.au.