Austechvr Newsletter 14 January 2020

Queensland Ballet’s VR Bespoke: From Within

There is nothing better than sharing stories from our community. Last Newsletter we asked our audience to share any interesting projects. 

We were alerted to this amazing VR collaboration between Josephmark, Breeder and Queensland Ballet for From Within, thanks Grace! 

This is fantastic work and illustrates how new media can be used to create AMAZING.

Check out this short video, it is fascinating and looks amazing and is local to Queensland! (Go QLD) https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1208899975969926

An extension of the Bespoke performance directed by acclaimed choreographer and creative director Amy Hollingsworth, we’ve activated a space in the iconic Brisbane Powerhouse like never before.
Expect inner monologues to catch your ear as our dancers surround, signal and envelop you in the dreamy, oneiric darkness. From Within juxtaposes the sometimes comedic, sometimes vulnerable and often profound thoughts of humans as they move in artful ways to articulate what can’t be spoken.
You may find this immersive experience joyful and spectacular; others may find it melancholy and intimate. Find your feet in this fusion of different disciplines that signals a new era of professional dance performance in our city.

The From Within virtual reality project is a collaborative effort between motion design studio Breeder and digital ventures studio Josephmark. We worked closely with Amy Hollingsworth, Wil Hughes, the QLD Ballet, Folklore and Logemas, and were lucky enough to utilise the Unity VFX libraries of Keijiro Takahashi.
To create this work, we combined motion capture, animated depth data, 360 photography and Tiltbrush. Implementing the Unity game engine to create in realtime helped us cut render times out of the workflow, to allow more time for creating and less time for waiting.

If you want to share your VR/AR project or something interesting you are doing please let me know and we will share your story.

VR Max Headsets in stock and moving fast.

We have our ever popular VMax VR Headset back in stock, this is a nice solid headset designed for Mobile VR, enjoy many 360 video’s and a vast library of Google Cardboard Apps in this amazing headset. 

VMax VR Headset
VMax VR Headset

360 Video of the week!

Dolphins swimming in 360 Video!

We were lucky enough to spend an hour or so in the water with some Dolphins at Seaworld – Gold Coast a while ago. Here is that experience. It was challenging capturing and processing this footage but it was worth it. 

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