Austechvr Newsletter 5 Feb 20

Outback Spectacular in 360

A trip to the bush!

I visited the town of Canowindra in the Central West of NSW with a 360 camera last week. When you spend a lot of time in the city you can forget how the fabric of Australia is held together by the bush. The people, community, businesses and stories you find out in the bush are unique and I have to say refreshing. 

I do hope to have some of those stories from Canowindra ready for the next email, there are fantastic stories of Bushrangers and a very unique fish fossil deposit that is rewriting the books on life before dinosaurs. 

If you get the chance to reconnect with the bush this year, take it, you will be better for the experience and so will the towns you visit with your business. 

Do you need any Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality developed? We are ready to go with a great team to help you create amazing. Our Cardboard VR factory will be back in production next week, if you need a resupply or Development please connect with us.

VR Max Headsets in stock and moving fast.

We have our ever popular VMax VR Headset back in stock, this is a nice solid headset designed for Mobile VR, enjoy many 360 video’s and a vast library of Google Cardboard Apps in this amazing headset. 

If you have ever been on the Gold Coast then you have most likely been to see Outback Spectacular. Have a look behind the scenes in the late afternoon before the show. 

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