Virtual Reality Marketing Company

AustechVR has grown from a small company manufacturing Google Cardboard Headsets for businesses and events to a Virtual Reality Marketing Company.

360 Immersive Tech really brings people into your business, they feel like they have been or are there with you.

We are really focused on creating as much value as possible through the power of Immersive Technology. Immersive Technology such as 360 Video and Virtual Tours simply blow people away and that is without wearing a VR Headset.

3D Virtual Tour

You can unlock this power by leveraging networks such as Facebook, everyone is on Facebook. Create a targeted campaign with some or all the following:

  • Target existing customers or visitors to your website or Facebook page.
  • For eCommerce, target a lookalike audience of people who have purchased from you. This means Facebook will target people that are very similar to those that have converted on your website previously, this is powerful stuff.
  • Target people that fit some behavior, interest or professional pre-requisites in a certain geographical location.

There are more options but you can see the power here. If you create content such as a 360 video that will bring with it a high engagement and deliver that to the correct audience then you are winning.

People want connection, they do not want to be sold too constantly, they want that relationship. 360 Immersive Tech really brings people into your business, they feel like they have been or are there with you.

We can help you with all of the above, it is what we love to do.

Custom Google Cardboard

Provide amazing Custom Google Cardboard Headsets for your next event or even for sales. A very good tool in your belt if you have 360 Video or Virtual Tours as a part of your Marketing. People love these VR Headsets and associate your brand to this exciting experience.

Custom Google Cardboard

3D Virtual Tours

The ultimate time-saving Marketing tool. You can have people really dig in and give themselves tours of your Hotel or Real Estate Property and decide then if they want to see it in person. This ensures that your leads are more qualified, they know the property or Hotel Suite when they contact you.

The same can be said for Gyms and restaurants. If you have an amazing space, show it off, let it bring in customers. The kicker is, your space can bring in the customers before they have physically been there, when they arrive, they know exactly what to expect and are relaxed and happy.

360 Video Services

Bring your customers into your business. Show your processes or behind the scenes work to your customers to let them feel that they are a part of the experience. Customers need to identify with businesses, there is no better way than to bring them in with immersive video.

VR App Development

You have created a lot of content and you need a way other than Youtube or Vimeo to get this amazing content out to the world. You could be at an event and want people to download your app before they consume your content in a VR Headset. We can create a cost-effective solution for you that will tick all the boxes.

Feel free to contact us at any time for information, either via email at or phoning us on 1300 850 353.