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Improving AFL Goal Kicking Virtual Reality

Improve AFL Goal Kicking Virtual Reality AFL is a dynamic and difficult sport that has many skills that athletes need to master, however like every other sport there are certain skills that can be compared across all levels of competition. So this idea is not untested or unproven, it is just that Virtual Reality is […]

Virtual Reality Case Study: Daily Mail Australia

Virtual Reality Case Study Daily Mail Australia know their audience deeply, a large part of this audience so happens to be Generation Z. Gen Zer’s are those born between 1997 through to 2012. The event was called “Spilling the Tea on Gen Z” and attendees were leading media agencies in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. We […]

Visualisation in sports via Virtual Reality

VR Visualisation

Virtual Reality Sports Training. One of the powerful aspects of using Virtual Reality in training athletes is the powerful visualisation boost it provides. The mental side of sport is extremely important. Things like Confidence and a strong belief in oneself cannot be understated. A lot of what goes on in a game is controlled above […]