The Best Free Apps for Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets

Best Apps for Google Cardboard

Updated 3 April 2017

Free Apps Google Cardboard

Why is Virtual Reality (VR) such a big deal? Well the uses of this technology are limitless, we have just entered the era where VR and it’s uses are starting to really explode and moving out of the toddler stage. This post will list the Best Free Apps: Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets, we will continue to update this as newer and better apps come to our attention.

You may have a picture in your mind that VR is just for gamer’s, or young people consuming media! Think about aged care and VR, people that are stuck within four walls because their bodies or minds will not let them experience the world any more! Imagine being one of these people and having a VR Headset taking you to where you long to go, this is happening.

Cannot make it to the Superbowl? Well you can now sit on the sideline via NextVR! Could you imagine, this is pay per view but leveled up big time. I will do another post on these guys at a later date.

Well you can now sit on the sideline via NextVR! Could you imagine, this is pay per view but leveled up big time

I hope you are just starting to see that there is more to VR than you first thought. Lets get stuck into some Apps, that is why you are here after all.

The Best Free Apps for Google Cardboard VR

Here is a list of Apps, continue below for more information on each one.

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Experience: 

This is by far the most amazing thing I have seen on my Google Cardboard, with the headphones on the sound was astonishing. But the feeling that you were floating in some kind of nirvana watching a most impressive visual experience was astonishing. You can read about this in further detail here but I suggest you just download this now and watch it! You will not be disappointed.

Bohemiam Rhapsody VR


This is an App that impresses me so much each time I use it. We often use this App as a Demo to just what your Google Cardboard can do and it never fails to disappoint. Within is a leading edge Virtual Reality App that takes you into an immersive 360 degree world. It does this via purpose made 360 films and don’t they pack some punch. One of my favorites is Catatonic, you find yourself strapped into a wheelchair being pushed into an old school psychiatric hospital. As you are wheeled through the wards you see all sorts of horrific things going on as you peer left and right into doors and around corners. This is a scary and horrific experience which is exquisite in it’s realism.

Within is a leading edge Virtual Reality App that takes you into an immersive 360 degree world

Another example of short films you can watch here is a little feature called Invasion. You find yourself on a frozen lake interacting with a cute Rabbit.  Before you know it a spaceship arrives and things start getting crazy. You will find yourself craning your neck as it flies over you and hovers behind your right shoulder but up in the air. This is a really good experience and really showcases where VR is right now. As I mentioned earlier, this is a must have App.

Withing VR App

JauntVR App 

This is a mighty App that will provide you with hours of high class entertainment. It is up there with Within for quality short films that really show off the power of Virtual Reality and the Google Cardboard Headset.

There is so much choice, does not matter what genre you are after, it is here and it also comes with it’s own VR TV Series called Invisible!

Invisible JauntVR

Google Cardboard App

: This is an App that you must have on your phone if you own a Google Cardboard Headset. It contains demo’s to get you started and includes things such as:

  • Earth
  • My Videos
  • Tour Guide
  • Exhibit
  • PhotoSphere
  • Arctic Journey

In addition to this the Google Cardboard App lists most of the other compatible Apps on your phone so that they are accessible from one spot.

Google Cardboard App

Google Cardboard Camera

Google Cardboard Camera allows you to take 360 Pictures and record Sound for viewing right inside the Google Cardboard Device! A perfect and extremely cool way to remember that special moment. Get started VR creating content for your friends and family.

Full Dive VR: 

This outstanding App is essentially a VR Navigation Platform and it enables you to browse many types of content such as 360 degree and 3D videos. Feel like base jumping well get strapped in because you will literally be falling through the sky and looking around whilst doing so. Be part of a Horror flick in VR, well that is here too although a bit scary. Content here is divided into genres so you can really dive into whatever takes your fancy at that time.

VR Navigation Platform and it enables you to browse many types of content such as 360 degree and 3D videos

This App has loads of features, they are listed below:

  • Youtube: Stream all YouTube Videos in VR
  • 3D Youtube: Stream 3D YouTube Videos in VR
  • 360 Youtube: Stream 360 Youtube Videos in VR
  • VR Video Player: Play all videos on your phone as though you are in a movie theater.
  • VR Browser: Browse anything on the Internet in VR
  • VR Camera: Take pictures and Video in VR
  • VR Photo Gallery: Store and Access your pictures and video in VR
  • VR 360 Photo Gallery: Store and Access all your 360 photos
  • VR Market: Access all VR Apps on your phone

Fulldive VR

Apollo 15 Virtual Reality App

This is a fantastic App, ever dreamed about landing, Walking and Driving on the moon? Of course you have! We go into this App in detail in this Blog Post but this is something you really need to try yourself! One thing that is certain, you will be mesmerized by the Earth floating out ahead of you! Magic!

Apollo 15 mission on the moon


This is a neat App, it combines news, documentaries, short films and experimental VR projects and this will keep you entertained for some time. The content in this App is first class, the first thing I watched was a Food Drop in South Sudan. It was very sobering and extremely well made which you would expect from the New York Times. Another great piece of content is the Walking New York Documentary which went through the story of the Walking Man artwork in NYC, it was really really good. There is so much to look at here you could certainly take an hour or two.

NYTVR Walking New York

Google Street View: 

We know Google Street view from Google Maps and it is a very useful and interesting tool. Let me tell you it is much better with a Google Cardboard! Keeping with the theme of New York I decided to take a stroll down the middle of Madison Avenue! I was able to look at both sides of the street, cars and trucks along side me, the sky line, endless buildings on a stunning summers day. Really, you can do this just about anywhere, what a fantastic and useful tool. Imagine the uses you can have for this, take trips down memory lane or plan part of your next holiday. Or just check out great places around the world.

Orbulus for Cardboard VR

Orbulus is a wonderful App and will allow you to fully immerse yourself into the world of Virtual Reality. You can travel to different parts of the globe and experience things such as the New Years Fireworks on Hong Kong’s Harbour. You can also visit other great places around the globe such as our own Sydney Opera House, Paris or San Francisco but to name a few. The content here are 360 photographs with sound, the same sort of stuff that you make with your Google Cardboard Camera. Navigation is very intuitive and is done by where you look and focus your eye for a short period! This is a great feature and I am sure this type of navigation will become more popular with more Apps.



YouTube is brilliant for Virtual Reality and works perfectly with your Google Cardboard Headset. Just do a simple search on your phone for 360 Video and you will see endless results pop up. Once you have chosen the 360 video you want to watch simply select the Google Cardboard Viewer Icon which is shown in the image below and presto! This is a great way to watch content on YouTube, be careful, you could lose a few hours here.


Google Arts and Culture

This is a really good App for anyone interested in the Arts! Why, you can really dive into different Gallerys with Virtual Tours and look up so much art through this amazing App. To make it even better it is designed to run perfectly with your Google Cardboard. If you want to find out a bit more about the Google Arts and Culture App read this article we posted on it.

VR Roller Coaster: 

Everyone has seen the videos of people riding a Roller Coaster whilst wearing their Google Cardboards! Well, here is one of many Apps that you can download to experience this great bit of fun. It will really show you what you can do with VR, looking around, feeling like you are in a different space! It is worth doing once and showing your friends the power of VR, people love it.

VR Apps Google Cardboard

Dive Deep: 

Dive Deep takes you deep down into the ocean where you will swim with Sharks, Dolphins, Whales and other fish. It is a brilliant experience which allows you to dive without getting wet and it is completely 360! A lot of fun and worth checking out.

DiveDeep VR


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