Top 8 360 Videos of 2017

Clash of Clans

Top 8 360 Videos of 2017

The most viewed 360 Videos on Youtube that were created in 2017. There is a massive variety here from Mobile Game Marketing Videos through to Music and Minecraft!

When watching these videos I groaned when I started watching the Russian video half way down but as the music started I found myself really enjoying it for some strange, and I mean very strange reason! 🙂

Clash of Clans: Hog Rider 360

Views: 59,157,246 – Published November 19, 2016 so we think this deserves to sneak into the 2017 list.

The Clash of Clans won the biggest 360 video of 2016 so it only makes sense that they smashed it out of the park again this year. Such as massive game, why would you not want to experience it in 360?

Gorillaz – Saturn Barz (Spirit House) 360

Views: 10,881,931 – Published March 23 2017

Gorillaz always do a wonderful job, this is a jaw dropping 360 Video – It is put together so well and has great content everywhere to keep you spinning your head around. Not a bad song to go with this film clip.

Hay Day 360 Hug

Views: 9,923,956 – Published June 21 2017

Another game advertisment has smashed into the top 8 360 Videos of 2017. In fact, I have never heard of this game but it still picked up nearly 10 Million views (at the time of writting) so I am obviously out of the loop.

360 Video | ГРИБЫ Голосами Мультяшек (ВЕЛИК)

Views: 6,601,187 Published Feburary 18 2017

This was a big surprise to me, I watched it because I had too. Then all of a sudden I found myself really enjoying it, I think it is very catchy and it probably helps that I have no idea what they are saying as it is in Russian. Worth checking out!


Kendall Jenner Takes you on a 360 Tour of her closet.

Views: 5,738,849 – Published on August 15 2017

I watched a little bit, no more but with nearly 6 Million views you can say that a lot of people want to see what is in Kendall Jenner’s closet. Perhaps they were looking around for some skeletons?


VR 360 Roller Coaster VR Video 360 4K

Views: 5,669,288 – Published April 15 2017

Created on a 360 Gear, the quality of the picture is pretty good but there is a massive ugly stitch line present. Also, wearing a headset the Roller Coasters can make you feel a little ill. Have to say though that I am surprised that a video of lower quality made it this high.


[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Up on the Houstop – Pentatonix (360 Version)

Views: 5,256,680 – Published on December 15, 2016 (so close to 2017 I thought it deserved to be counted as such)

I have no idea what Pentatonix is, after watching half the video I am not really interested in learning. The production is great, it was made very late in 2016 so decided to add it in here. 5.3 Million views says a lot of kids have probably watched this.


360 Video | Let’s Play Minecraft | Part 1

Views: 5,042,668 – Published on April 1 2017

A case of a Youtuber having a massive following and creating a 360 video of him playing Minecraft whilst Twitching at the same time. Not a very good quality video but hey, it got loads of views with a touch over 5 Million.

The quality of some of these videos is crazy low, it surprises me as there are so many great videos that have not got the views. I think perhaps having a massive audience is the reason this has happened.

I may just create a list of my favourite 360 videos on youtube and share that, see what the difference is.

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There are many other tours that you can complete whilst you are wearing your Google Cardboard Headset such as a Virtual Tour of the Street Art scene in Rome. Or if you prefer a tour around the ancient Greek temple, Zues!

As well as this you also have a function called an Art Recognizer! To use this you simply point your phone at a painting in say the Dulwich Picture Gallery that we mentioned earlier and it will give you all the info on that piece of work. This function is limited to only select Museum’s and Gallery’s around the globe. This will will soon grow to include more and more locations so watch this space.

This App is brand new and does suffer from some thin information here and there but it will certainly fill out and become a valuable companion on your phone. You cannot beat it when you feel like throwing your Google Cardboard Headset on and touring an art location. It is Apps like this that really are useful that show how useful that this technology is getting. Art and Culture is important, you can now be with it at all times!

You cannot beat it when you feel like throwing your Google Cardboard Headset on and touring an art location

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Sit back and enjoy the video.