Virtual Tours – Unfair Advantage in Real Estate

3D Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours – Unfair Advantage in Real Estate

Any Real Estate Business worth its salt is using Professional High-Quality images, Video introducing Property and even Drones to show the Property from above.

But, there is one thing that some very successful agents are using that is not only bringing in more clients but also many more high quality leads for the properties that they are selling.

This one thing is Virtual Tours! The ability to have clients from anywhere on the Planet stroll through the property virtually is revolutionary.

The buyer already knows what the property looks like, after all, they have been there and already fallen in love with it.

After a potential client has been through a Virtual Tour then they can decide if they want to look at the property physically which makes them a very valuable lead.

A Virtual Tour of a Rural Property Enables more prospective buyers to view the property

The buyer already knows what the property looks like, after all, they have been there and already fallen in love with it. Even better, imagine selling a property after a Virtual Tour and the appropriate due diligence, it has happened.

We have found that Buyers are 60% more likely to email an agent and 95% more likely to call about a property listed on that has a 3D Virtual Tour. (Source: Mixpanel Analytics, iOs app, last 30 days as of 19 May 2016).

The thing is, many Real Estate Businesses have not caught onto the power of the Virtual Tour, particularly one that is so Stunning and Engaging as the Virtual Tours that AustechVR provide. The other point is, is that the public is switching onto and loving Virtual Tours.

We have found that price is a perceived barrier for many Agents but is, in reality, a lot more affordable than what you would think. The Return on this small investment in particularly for higher end properties or properties in Rural Regions is staggering.

In addition to the assumption of the cost we have found many Agents are hesitant in adopting new marketing technologies or methods, they prefer to wait and see what the market leaders in Real Estate do and then jump on board.

Are you a market leader?

AustechVR service SE/QLD and Northern NSW for amazing 3D Virtual Tours and if you are in NSW, Victoria or Tasmania we have a trusted partner that we can refer you onto.

We want you to Dazzle your clients, both sellers and buyers using our amazing Virtual Tours and assist you in growing your business and reputation doing that.

If you are interested in a 3D Virtual Tour please email or call 1300 850 353.

3D Virtual Tours

3D Virtual Tours

Imagine your Real Estate listings, restaurant, store or Space being visited by people from all over the world in an amazing 3D 4K photo-realistic Virtual model.

Imagine someone walking around your shop, seeing a product inside this Virtual model and then clicking on it so that they can buy it from your online store.

Imagine a buyer for a wonderful Real Estate listing that lives interstate conducting their own Open House from their living room 5,000 Km away and knowing that this is the property for them.

Now, this is all possible with Matterport 3D Virtual Tour technology and AustechVR can make it happen. And people can do this from any device such as a Mobile Phone, Tablet or Computer. They can even view your space through Virtual Reality Headsets in full VR mode!

Try it below!

Matterport is changing many industries with it’s 3D Virtual Tour Technology, particularly in the world of Real Estate. It enables people to walk through the 3D model Virtually either via Virtual Reality Headsets or even on their Mobile Phones.

There is a lot of enthusiasm building with this technology, it allows people to travel from one state or city to another virtually, enabling them to actually experience the space as it is.

The key point here is you see the space just as it is!

Quite often you will find that Photography can be shot with wide lenses which make the room, house or space look much bigger than it actually is. This can lead to disappointment from potential buyers or customers as they feel let down when faced with the space in real life.

The Matterport 3D 360 Scan builds an accurately scaled 3D map with very high photographs layered over the top of the 3D map to show the property or space exactly as it is.

3D Virtual Tours engage people

Choose your own adventure, you can really choose where you turn, where you look and where you linger. This is one of the advantages over a traditional video which certainly still has a place, with a video you are taken where the camera is pointed. 3D Virtual Tours are designed so you can travel anywhere in the property at your leisure.

Let us touch on Retail and 3D Virtual Tours! Imagine a physical retail store that sells bikes, they have a website also! Well, we can scan that shop then clickable tags to the bikes that would then take you to their online store.

This allows you to actually walk around a retail store then click on the bike that they like the look of and investigate further and potentially buy. This is staggering technology when we can actually shop like this from the comfort of your couch.

With the Matterport Pro2, you are able to create the 3D Virtual Tours but there is more. We can also create very accurate Floor Plans, Highlight Reel in Video, prepare the space for Virtual Reality usage within a VR Headset. The big kicker is the High-Resolution Images that the Pro2 produces, these can be used for brochures, Web Listings or any other marketing requirement.

The High-Resolution photos can be up to a staggering 8092 x 4552 pixels (36 MP), that is very impressive.

You may have noticed I have mentioned tags, to be more accurate Matterport Tags. These enable the Matterport technician to tag features of your space or property.

This can be information on an amazing feature within the home, the menu of a restaurant we are scanning or the link to a product from a retail store to that sites eCommerce shop.

Another amazing feature that you are able to utilise in the tags is the ability to add video, so when someone clicks on the tag you can have a product video, informational video or even a short youtube clip of the fireplace in full flight!

The possibilities and the wow factor that these features bring are amazing, this tech really does put you in the best place to push your property or business.

Imagine the possibilities of the value of tags in places such as Museums, Libraries, and exhibitions!

Another brilliant way of using the Matterport 3D scanner is to monitor and report on Construction Projects. You can scan at different intervals of the construction process so that all major stakeholders are completely aware of what is happening.

After that you have information moving forward on the skeletons of the project which allows you to see what is behind the walls in years to come. How close is this to Time Travel?