6 VR Apps for Education


6 VR Apps For Education

Educators at all levels from Prep through to University and Vocational courses are utilising the power of Virtual Reality at an increasing rate. To assist educators starting out with VR in the classroom we have put together this list of VR Apps for Education.

The list comprises only of Apps that have versions for both Apple iPhone and Android Devices.

We hope that this guide really helps you take learning to another level. VR is powerful, Students of all learning styles become engaged in this medium, they experience the space, time or subject as if they were there! After all, they were, virtually.

Another way of looking at VR for education is this! VR is the Gamification of learning!


Cost $13.99 for Android.





This is an outstanding App!

The environment that the crew at Umimersiv is first class, it is polished and very intuitive to navigate.

The experiences take in the Titanic, Acropolis of Athens, Anatomy VR, ISS, Dinosaur, Human Brain, Stonehenge, Rome and the Cardiovascular System.

As well as that they also provide courses such as American Revolution, Chinese Basics, French Revolution, Ancient Egypt, Search Engine Optimisation, Italian, Business Strategy, Business Model Canvas and Social Media Marketing.

As you can see this App covers a large and diverse range of subjects and is always adding to them. Not only is the content available but it is put together beautifully.

At the cost of $13.99 per install it is well worth it, your students of all ages will get a lot out of this outstanding App.

Just a side-note, it seems as though the full App is not available for Apples IOS but the Universiv Rome experience is available to download and the link is shown above.

Discovery VR





Discovery VR is a great resource to provide that additional content to your lesson plan. It is not a teaching App such as Unimersiv but it does have a lot of Science presented in the way of Immersive VR which really gets your students attention.

They have content ranging from Gold mining through to Shark Week! At the time of writing this article, Discovery VR was in the middle of Shark Week. I spent time learning about and swimming with a massive school of Hammer Head Sharks and learning that they are social and very gentle!

Wearing a headset is and experiencing the content of Discovery VR is certainly fun and engaging.

The bonus is here, they are always updating their library so this App will provide you with years of gold.






Public Speaking is a very important skill, it is also one of those things that people really fear!

If you have spoken publicly enough you would know that the more you do it the more you get de-sensitsed to the fear and anxiety that comes from speaking in front of a group of people.

This App does just that, it puts you in front of many people and trains you in the art of Public Speaking. Great for School Leaders and class presentations, it is a must-have tool for helping not just students but everyone improve their Public Speaking Skills.






If you want to take your students into the Human body then this is the App for you. During my testing I took a tour through the Gastrointestinal Tract, I will never look at what happens when I eat my food the same way again. It was fascinating!

The perfect App for your students to actually take a ride inside the human body and truly appreciate what it is and how it works.


King Tut VR




Many students learn about Ancient Egypt and there is no more famous Pharaoh than King Tut. I remember learning about King Tut as a child and the fact that he was so young really allowed me to relate to him, I still have that interest in him today.

This App allows your students to really dive deep into the world of Ancient Egypt and get a taste for what it is like on the ground. A very good App that everyone will love.

King Tut VR

Google Expeditions

This is another amazing App that allows teachers to take their students on guided tours of areas that we just cannot get too. This is a fantastic App and a lot of schools in Australia utilise this content.

Read here for further information on Google Expeditions.

Google Expeditions

Finding Immersive Video for education

Sometimes you may be teaching something that has no appropriate VR App. In these instances, I recommend going to Youtube. Youtube has a massive and ever-growing library of Immersive 360 Degree Video content that is perfect for a VR Headset and your classroom.

For example, I could not find an education App for Vikings! So, I went to youtube and searched for “Vikings 360 Video” and a bunch of great content came up. Of course, you will see non-relevant video pop up such as the Vikings NFL Team but there is loads of gold in a youtube search of this kind.



Recommended VR Apps

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Experience: 

This is by far the most amazing thing I have seen on my Headset, with the headphones on the sound was astonishing. But the feeling that you were floating in some kind of nirvana watching a most impressive visual experience was astonishing.

Bohemiam Rhapsody VR


This is an App that impresses me so much each time I use it. We often use this App as a Demo to just what your Headset can do and it never fails to disappoint. Within is a leading edge Virtual Reality App that takes you into an immersive 360 degree world.

Withing VR App

JauntVR App

This is a mighty App that will provide you with hours of high class entertainment. It is up there with Within for quality short films that really show off the power of Virtual Reality and our Headsets.


Invisible JauntVR

Google Cardboard App

: This is an App that you must have on your phone if you own a phone based Headset. It contains demo’s to get you started and includes things such as:

  • Earth
  • My Videos
  • Tour Guide
  • Exhibit
  • PhotoSphere
  • Arctic Journey


Google Cardboard App

Full Dive VR:

This outstanding App is essentially a VR Navigation Platform and it enables you to browse many types of content such as 360 degree and 3D videos. Feel like base jumping well get strapped in because you will literally be falling through the sky and looking around whilst doing so. Be part of a Horror flick in VR, well that is here too although a bit scary. Content here is divided into genres so you can really dive into whatever takes your fancy at that time.

VR Navigation Platform and it enables you to browse many types of content such as 360 degree and 3D videos

This App has loads of features, they are listed below:

  • Youtube: Stream all YouTube Videos in VR
  • 3D Youtube: Stream 3D YouTube Videos in VR
  • 360 Youtube: Stream 360 Youtube Videos in VR
  • VR Video Player: Play all videos on your phone as though you are in a movie theater.
  • VR Browser: Browse anything on the Internet in VR
  • VR Camera: Take pictures and Video in VR
  • VR Photo Gallery: Store and Access your pictures and video in VR
  • VR 360 Photo Gallery: Store and Access all your 360 photos
  • VR Market: Access all VR Apps on your phone

Fulldive VR

Apollo 15 Virtual Reality App:

This is a fantastic App, ever dreamed about landing, Walking and Driving on the moon? Of course you have! We go into this App in detail in this Blog Post but this is something you really need to try yourself!

Apollo 15 mission on the moon


This is a neat App, it combines news, documentaries, short films and experimental VR projects and this will keep you entertained for some time.

NYTVR Walking New York

Google Street View:

We know Google Street view from Google Maps and it is a very useful and interesting tool. Let me tell you it is much better with a VR Headset!

Orbulus for VR

Orbulus is a wonderful App and will allow you to fully immerse yourself into the world of Virtual Reality. You can travel to different parts of the globe and experience things such as the New Years Fireworks on Hong Kong’s Harbour.



YouTube is brilliant for Virtual Reality and works perfectly with our Headsets. Just do a simple search on your phone for 360 Video and you will see endless results pop up.


Google Arts and Culture:

This is a really good App for anyone interested in the Arts! Why, you can really dive into different Gallerys with Virtual Tours and look up so much art through this amazing App. If you want to find out a bit more about the Google Arts and Culture App read this article we posted on it.

VR Roller Coaster:

Everyone has seen the videos of people riding a Roller Coaster whilst wearing a Headset! Well, here is one of many Apps that you can download to experience this great bit of fun. It will really show you what you can do with VR, looking around, feeling like you are in a different space! It is worth doing once and showing your friends the power of VR, people love it.

VR Apps Google Cardboard

Dive Deep:

Dive Deep takes you deep down into the ocean where you will swim with Sharks, Dolphins, Whales and other fish. It is a brilliant experience which allows you to dive without getting wet and it is completely 360! A lot of fun and worth checking out.

DiveDeep VR

VeeR 360 Video

VeeR 360 Video

VeeR 360 Video

We have a new favorite App and Service. It is called VeeR and if you enjoy or create 360 Video then this app is certainly for you.

What is VeeR? Well, VeeR is a network of 360 Video and Photographs that are uploaded by people around the world that have 360-degree cameras. We first got onto it by word of mouth, we were posting our 360 content onto Youtube and were told to have a look at VeeR!

We were not disappointed when you open the VeeR App up and secure it into your VR Headset or Google Cardboard you are all of a sudden in another world. How it works is that there is random 360 content shown, you simply watch a video in immersive 360, when that finishes another video then starts. The content you see will cover all genres so diversity makes for a more interesting viewing experience.

VeeR App

We tend to only watch stuff that we think we are going to enjoy, but when you do not have to choose what is next it can really open your exposure to a variety of techniques, great story lines or just amazing vistas.

In addition to watching great random content, you can also personalize your viewing tastes so it really has something for everyone.

If you happen to not like a video, just use the navigation menu that pops up when you click your headset button and move to the next video. It really is great.

If you are a content creator the news is even better. Once you upload your content to VeeR 360 Video you will see that you get loads of views and engagement. As well as this you also get exposed to many different techniques and ideas on how to create effective 360 content.

We have a channel on VeeR, you can find us at http://veer.tv/vr/Austechvr. Just for a comparison, have a look at our Youtube page and you will see the distinct difference in views on the same video content.

You can Download VeeR for both Iphone and Android by following the links below.



Gorilla Safari

Gorilla Safari VR

Gorilla Safari

Ian Redmond takes us on a Virtual Gorilla Safari around the world in a 360-degree documentary on Great Apes and various species of Primates. This Virtual Safari was brought to us by the Born Free Foundation which is a charity that was founded in 1984 by actors Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna.


Born free aims to give every animal a chance at a fulfilling life and they regularly rescue them from terrible conditions send them to amazing sanctuaries. These animals include big Cats, Primates, and Elephants.  Born Free also focus on Conversation and Education which is where this amazing VR App finds it’s niche.

Gorilla Safari VR

This App is very easy to use and is loaded up with information on each Species of Ape in various locations in both Africa and South East Asia. You can learn things such as primates can catch ebola through to other interesting things such as Gorilla’s love Banana plants, not so much the fruit, though.




The app contains amazing 360-degree images with multiple styles of navigation from clicking with your headset to gaze navigation. As you look around each 360 scene you have that scene narrated to you and you have the option to then click further into other area’s you want to learn more about. These extra areas will either be video or another image!

It really is an easy and fulfilling experience watching and learning, in fact, you almost feel like you are in the humid leafy jungles with them.

Who is this App for? Well everyone from Teachers and Students through to people like you and me that are interested in these amazing animals and their habitats.

This Gorilla Safari is designed to raise awareness for these animals as well as educate anyone that is interested in their environments and behaviors.

Here is a bit more information about this project on their site!



Spotlight Stories

Google Spotlight Stories

Google Spotlight Stories

Google Spotlight Stories are the latest Virtual Reality Sensation and perfect for our Google Cardboard Headsets.

Google Spotlight Stories are simply innovating and immersive stories for Mobile Virtual Reality. It is funny, I say simply innovating! There is nothing simple about these amazing works of art!

You may have read about Pearl, which has been nominated for an Oscar! That is the quality we are seeing on Google Spotlight Stories. Who creates these brilliant Stories? The people behind this are purely very talented Artists and Technologists that enjoy creating Immersive stories.

These immersive stories however, can blow your mind!








This is AMAZING! Godzilla has nothing on this lizard! The effects, the movie and the main villain were just jaw dropping.

One of the best VR Immersive Stories I have seen in a long long time. A must watch!

Google Spotlight Stories Help

Rain or Shine

This Story begins in a bright wonderful town and features a girl with a pair of sunglasses. However, things do not go as you would think. A great fun story which shows that no matter how bad things can go, every cloud has a silver lining.

The Simpsons: Planet of the Couches.

This one starts off great, is it VR yet? No! Is it VR yet? No! Is it VR yet? Yes!!! It was great seeing our friends from the Simpsons in VR, not only was the whole family there but loads of other characters too. Although this is quite a short Story it is rich with content.

Wherever you choose to look you will find something that you were not quite expecting. Some of the signs at Planet Couches are quite clever too, with such clever pun’s on common phrases.

The Simpsons Couch World

On Ice

Wow! This is a visual feast! There is so much going on here, where to look coupled with a unique perspective of being in the middle of a performance!This illustrates perfectly where immersive and 360 content is heading, and it is very rich with content. All the way down to looking a Bear in the eyes at close

This illustrates perfectly where immersive and 360 content is heading, and it is very rich with content. All the way down to looking a Bear in the eyes at close quarters, right down from the tip of his nose! This is a must watch.

Google Spotlight Stories On Ice

Special Delivery

As with most 360 productions, this one is very clever. There is so much to see, looking into many rooms from outside, cats chasing birds! Oh, and the main show. I will not say much about that other than it is magical and Kids will absolutely love it.

VR Mac-Pan a Pac-Man Game


VR Mac-Pan a Pac-Man Game

Nearly everyone knows of Pac-Man, well I just finished playing a few rounds of VR Mac-Pan and wow it was fun.

So, this is a pretty basic game which is why it is so good. You find yourself in a maze with a bunch of white balls ready for you to collect, sounds familiar right? The clincher here is that you are not looking at the maze from above but actually in it. Because of this the degree of difficulty is through the roof.

Navigation is pretty simple, you just need to turn to the left or right to keep on following and collecting balls. I did find that a number of times because I was lined up right behind the balls that I could not see the Giant Killer balls that were also collecting approach and kill me.

So a trick I learned pretty quickly was that you can sort of lean out a bit and try to see what is coming, the game does allow you to do this. It is not enough though just to try and see ahead, as it is a maze and you want to collect white balls all the time you are venturing into new areas where the Giant Killer balls are also farming, they can come from anywhere.

This is a great concept and the simplicity and familiarity are definitely clinchers in making this game very enjoyable for short bursts. It brings back one of the most popular arcade games of all time and brings it Virtual Reality, a perfect mix of old and new. On a side note this game works a treat in our

On a side note this game works a treat in our Google Cardboard VR Headsets.

So get onto the App Store or Play Store and look up VR Mac-Pan and give it a spin.  I am sure you will find it harder than the original Pac-Man and just as fun.




Heston Blumenthal SBSVR

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is Australia’s most diverse and may we suggest the most interesting Television Service in Australia. They bring us awesome TV, many Radio shows and now an SBSVR App.

The SBS is a service that provides a lot of foreign material and the more diverse content in the Australian media landscape. They are quite innovative in that their Catch Up Television App is one of the best in the country and have now entered the world of Virtual Reality (VR).

This App worked wonderfully with AustechVR’s Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets.

So, I decided to try out their App and found that it was not overly flush with content but the content that was there was good. We had stuff like

  • ‘First Contact’
  • ‘A pigs life with Matthew Evans’
  • ‘Festival of Light – Tomorrows Diwali’
  • ‘Welcome to Garma’
  • ‘Zombies in 360 from Mythbusters’
  • ‘Inside Hestons World – Explore the Fat Duck’

All this content was in small bite size portions but was interesting none the less with great production and the promise of more VR content in the future. This is an app you should get behind in the hope that it encourages SBS to make available more VR content from not only them but also the other Television networks in Australia.

So, what did I enjoy the most? I really like Zombies so the Mythbusters Zombies in 360 was pretty fun. I really like <a href="http://www project planning tools.thefatduck.co.uk/”>Heston blumenthal as he has one of the most bizarre and interesting minds in the world of cooking and the story of Melbourne’s Fat Duck was quite cool.

My favorite though was the Festival of Light – Tomorrow’s Diwali which featured a fellow using a Tilt Brush to create 3 different pieces of art whilst you stood in the middle of his creations and watched on. The Tilt brush technology is very cool and this gives you a small taste of what is possible with that tech.

You can find this app by searching for SBSVR on the Apple AppStore or Google Play.


Virtual Reality For Your Marketing Campaign

Virtual Reality is really starting to get some traction worldwide task management tool. You will see that you can leverage the popularity of Virtual Reality for your marketing campaigns.

How can you use Virtual Reality for Marketing?

AustechVR have had many clients take up the option of using Fully Branded Google Cardboard VR Headsets for events in 2016. Your customer immediately has a higher level of excitement at your event. They may know a little about VR but do not actually know what it can do. Or they could know a lot and are eager to show off it’s capabilities to others.

With the Google Cardboard VR Headsets you utilise the power of the attendees Smartphones. When the customer leaves the event, they will keep their Google Cardboard Headset that has your branding or the events branding printed onto the outside for everyone to see.

This sure beats handing out the usual pens, notepads, USB drives and the like. You can even produce your own VR or 360 video content to compliment your custom headsets.

A little history on VR and why the time for headsets such as the Google Cardboard is here!

Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for a long time in one form or another, it all started in 1838 when Charles Wheatstone showed that the brain can process 2 different 2D images on each eye to create an object of 3 Dimensions. If you are interested in the history of VR read more here. http://www.vrs.org.uk/virtual-reality/history.html


VR has really begun to hit it’s straps just recently with technology leaping ahead via the amazingly powerful smartphones that are being produced. Smartphones have enabled developers to produce content and implement techniques once only thought possible on the larger more expensive Fully Featured VR Headsets.

A few years ago, you could buy a Google Cardboard version 1 headset that needed to be assembled before use. Only then to discover a handful of Apps and limited content available for you to consume.

Enter 2016 and beyond, we have had over 10 million downloads of the Google Cardboard App. We have over 360,000 hours of 360 VR Video on the 360 channel at Youtube along with 1.9 million subscribers. We have thousands of Apps and games for the Google Cardboard which include loads of free ones ready for use.

Video content, in particular is where VR is pushing ahead for the Mobile market, also games and experiences provide the Google Cardboard user with hours of fun and excitement.

With 2016 nearly behind us, think of your next event in 2017 and contact us for more information on how to get your headsets. We specialise in bulk Custom Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets.

JauntVR App

Invisible JauntVR

We came across JauntVR by accident whilst scrolling through the Play Store looking at different VR Apps. I have to say that we were pleasantly surprised!

So, we installed this App and loaded it up, slotted the phone into the Google Cardboard VR Headset and were taken on many different roads. JauntVR is Cinematic Virtual Reality experience.

Firstly, the navigation is quite intuitive and like any good VR App is controlled purely by sight. Although the little menu button that hung around became quite annoying during the short films.

We started with a Pearl Harbour experience which was really good and a mix of old footage and new giving us a great insight into one small piece of that disaster.

We then moved on immediately to the short film Longing for Wilderness which was really really good. It started in a funny way, in a gutter of a street in a city but finished with the most wonderful Vista imaginable. The only problem with this is it was not long enough.

From this point, we thought it would be a great idea to check out the Invisible Virtual Reality Series. This was really good, you have a series of short films that follow a death of a rich and powerful man and the wash-up from that. But there is a twist that we will not get into here, it is best for you to watch the series.

JauntVR has a large selection of short films, there is something for everyone! In fact, once I finish writing this I think I will delve back into the App for a bit more fun.

I can choose from Historical Films, Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction and Documentary to name a few genres. This is an App along with Within that is at the top of the tree for VR Apps right now.

Thanks JauntVR, it is appreciated! 

You can grab the App for Iphone here and Android Here.

Incell – A Virtual Reality Game

Incell VR Game

Imagine piloting a nano craft or ship around someone’s body at full throttle to rid it of influenza or other disruptive cells. Well now you can with Incell the Virtual Reality Game!

When you first jump into this game the first thing that strikes you is the great graphical world that has been built by the creators Nival

The gist of the story is that you are racing down veins and capillaries in a nano robot craft whilst annihilating rogue cells carrying germs that are going to cause issues. At the same time you have to be careful not to obstacles and all the while picking up protein and other goodies whilst trying to outrun the viral wave.

During your missions you are kept company by a AI assistant who affectionately calls you human. She reminds you if you are going to slow, hitting too many obstacles and that the wave of Influenza cells are about to overtake your ship and destroy you. Oh, occasionally she will say well done you are doing a good job Human!

This game is a great educational resource to allow kids to understand how cells invade the body and how our body goes on the offensive via our immune system to make you healthy again. On top of being educational it is quite fun and will see you sitting in your chair navigating with violent thrusts of your head as you navigate all obstacles in your wake and try to pick up as many goodies as you can.

AustechVR recommend this app for kids and adults alike, it is quite engaging and there are lots of lessons about the human to be picked up. The world that has been built is colorful, engaging and detailed and really puts you in a different place as Virtual Reality should.

Find this game for IOS and Android.