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Custom Cardboard VR Headsets

AustechVR is Australia’s largest manufacturer of Custom Cardboard VR Headsets, we have been manufacturing these amazing Headsets for over 4 years. 

We have worked with many businesses from marketers, educational institutions through to big corporations and Government – National, State and Local all around the country. We have also sent our headsets overseas, so if you are hosting an event out of country we still have your back.

Cardboard VR Headset
Custom Cardboard VR Headset

Our Headsets are inspired by Google Cardboard

If you work with us you can expect prompt attention and service, our main goal here is to provide the best Custom Cardboard VR Headsets with the least hassle to you. We know how much you have on your plate, we will work to make this process as seamless as possible.

You can see how our Custom Cardboard VR Headsets can be used in the video below, 5000 potential students were able to use our Cardboard VR Headsets to see what the new Uni Campus would look like.

Cardboard VR Headset Specifications

  • Quality 37 mm lens
  • Conductive foil button
  • Protective covering over the sleeve
  • Protective sleeve
  • Highest Quality Manufacturing processes
  • Quality Control
  • Lightweight, durable and strong cardboard

Quick Facts Cardboard VR Headsets

  • Minimum Custom Order: Our minimum order is 200 Units
  • Why are your Custom Cardboard VR Headsets Premium? Our factory supply only AAA grade lenses and the best materials available. Our factory has many Quality Assurance checks in place which allows us to provide you with the best Cardboard VR Headsets possible.
  • Lead Time: Manufacturing the Units takes from 7-10 days and a little more once you get into the thousands of units. Shipping is normally 3-5 days anywhere in Australia
  • Customs/Duties: We look after the customs and duties for the client.

Why use AustechVR? We love being a part of your Marketing campaigns, Education programs, Training and Health and Safety. Nothing is better than seeing the success of a campaign that we have been a part of. Our Custom Cardboard VR Headsets can help bring them to life.

Our philosophy is simply to provide Value to you our customer! We see our customers as partners, your success is our success.

Do you have a minimum Wholesale on your Custom VR Headsets? Yes, the minimum is 200 units for these Headsets. Note, these are different from our standard Headsets with a logo on the front.

What Colours do your Custom VR Headsets come in? We can do any colour you choose on the Headset

How do we get the Creative Artwork to you for our Custom Branded Headsets? Most of our clients are Marketing firms or have access to a Marketing department. We can provide you with a Template for the Headset and Sleeve which your Creative Department can work with. This ensures that you get exactly what you want in the fastest possible time. If you do not have access to your own Creative department then we have someone that can do this for you, of course, the more complex, the more revisions this work may need which can lead to an increase in costings.

How many colours can we use on a Custom Branded Headset? This is really up to you, we are now printing headsets with photographs and logos layered on top of them so colours are not limited in any way.

Do you have a minimum Wholesale Order on Retail Headsets? over 25 units we will start offering discounts on Wholesale orders, once you get over 100 units we are at the maximum lowest % and price is then dictated by extras that you want with your Headsets. Of course, retail purchases are welcome at any time.

What is the expected lead time on orders? Larger orders or custom orders will have a lead time of around 14 – 21 days give or take a day or two here or there. The length of the lead time can also increase as your order becomes larger.

However, if you order a couple of hundred headsets and we have them in stock we will have them out to you right away. It all depends on stock levels at that particular time.

Higher End Headsets: We have a higher-end headset, it is called the VR Go and it certainly provides a fantastic and clear Virtual Reality Experience. We find these are very popular with consumers and also situations where 30 or so headsets are needed.

VR Go Headsets in Bulk? W can certainly look after all your needs when it comes to providing the Austechvr VRGo Headset. If you would like custom VRGo headsets the minimum order is 500.

Are you guys in Australia? Yes, we are located on the Gold Coast in Queensland. We are an Australian owned and operated business.

Do you ship your bulk/custom orders internationally? Yes, we have done this in the past and will continue offering this service in the future. If you need some of your bulk order or the whole order to be shipped to your company or client internationally we will get that done.

How important is the Head strap? We offer the Head Strap to give you more choice on how you use the Custom Cardboard VR Headset. Its use depends on the individual, I prefer to hold the Headset whilst using so that I can adjust angles and distance for different effects.

Custom Cardboard VR Headsets
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Austechvr Manafacture Custom Cardboard VR headsets. The headsets are great for bringing customers into your world with Immersive Video. They also double as a Creative Canvas, customers love them, so will your brand.