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Virtual Reality Headsets Available in Wholesale in Australia

At AustechVR we have a real passion for creating and distributing virtual reality glasses and goggles that
allow the user an experience like no other. From our all-in- one VR headset to the Google Cardboard system,
AustechVR provides VR solutions that create the ultimate user experience. We have a passion for selecting
only products that we trial and test ourselves. They have to pass our rigorous testing procedure in order to
be deemed worthy of creating a memorable and inspiring VR platform. The technology provided by
AustechVR is brilliant as it allows for the conjoining of VR systems and smartphone technology. Our
technology is iPhone 6 and Android compatible and works with apps provided by these manufacturers.

Wholesale supplies available

We provide a wholesale reselling platform for technology stores throughout Australia. If you have a store
and would like to provide customers with this awesome technology, feel free to contact us. We have a factory
where we produce innovative VR technology as well as cameras, gimbels, and remote controls. Therefore,
please get in contact with us early in regard to the products created by AustechVR – we need to give our
team time to produce larger amounts! We will give you a combined pricing list and an ETA on the arrival of
your products.

Contact us for more information

If you have any questions regarding the VR headsets, cameras, Gimbels, and remote controls available at
AustechVR, feel free to get in contact with us. We are committed to providing an exceptional standard of
customer service, and are always happy to discuss our products with our valued customers in order for
them to get the best VR solution possible.

Give us a call on 1300 850 353 and one of our friendly staff will assist you with your enquiries.

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