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Google Cardboard

The Simple but Powerful Google Cardboard Headset is your gateway to Virtual Reality (VR).

This Headset will enable you to experience many forms of exciting Interactive and Immersive Media that most others do not know exist yet. You will love the content in the many Apps that you can download for free, here is a great list we have put together for you.

There are so many uses for our wonderful headsets, from Education and Training through to Marketing and of course, the person who is a little ahead of the curve and knows that VR is just ramping up and wants to get stuck in and test it out.

Google Cardboard is compatible with iPhone 7+ and Samsung 8+

This amazing Google Cardboard viewer is your entry into the exciting world of Virtual Reality (VR)! Virtual Reality is an amazing technology who’s power is only starting to be realised.

We have worked hard on improving our headset over time which has enabled more people to experience VR for the first time.

Buy Google Cardboard Australia

The quality of content available to you with this device is unbelievable. There are thousands of Apps available, one that everyone already has is the Youtube App which has tens of thousands of 360-degree video ready for you to devour.

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  • AAA Quality 37 mm lens
  • Fitted Rubber Nose protection
  • Conductive foil button
  • Longer Strap for increased comfort
  • Protective sleeve
  • Rubber Band for phone security
  • Strong and Durable Cardboard Material designed for this purpose
  • Instructions inside the front flap
  • Fast Shipping
  • Stock located on the Gold Coast – Australia


Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 4 cm