VMax VR Headset


VMax VR Headset

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This headset is brilliant, it will provide a flawless VR experience with its amazingly clear lenses. The VMax provides you with a huge 96 Degree Field of View which will enable a completely immersive experience. Combine this with a great design that is very comfortable ensures that this headset is one of pound for pound best VR Headset for Mobile VR you can buy.

The VMax is future proof with a window built into the front of the unit so your camera can see ahead for Augmented Reality use. It also comes with other great features such as a Capacitive Button and an Optical Axis Slider that enables you to set the lenses perfectly for your eyes. It also has an Object Distance Adjustment, the knobs on the side of the headset will adjust the screen out if you need it.

This VR Headset will take phones up to 6 inches in size so all the new iPhone range and Samsung Range is perfectly suited to this headset.

  • 96 Degree Field of View
  • Fits all iPhone and Samsung phone sizes up to 6 Inches
  • Crystal Clear Aspherical HD Lenses
  • Weighs a light 310 grams
  • AR Function Available
  • You can Wear Glasses with this headset
  • The screen can be adjusted out, for each eye individually if required.
  • Suited to longer sitting times
  • Headstrap designed to take the weight of the phone and headset to ensure an ergonomic fit.



Weight .450 kg
Dimensions 15 x 10 x 8 cm


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