Smallest Virtual Tour ever!

Smallest Virtual Tour Ever!

Is this the smallest Virtual Tour of the smallest Commercial Property in the history of the world? It may well be!

This property being sold by Ray White Commercial, Surfers Paradise is a whopping 4 Square Metres. It gets weirder!

it is actually 2×2 Square Metre Properties that have been converted into a Cold Room. This property sits under Cavill Mall in the heart of the Gold Coast Glitter strip.

It was a tough place to convert into a Virtual Tour, there was no light and also very limited space for our equipment which includes an infrared scanner for the 3D component and 4K camera to work in.

There has been so much interested in this property and we just knew that we had to create a Virtual Tour of this once in a lifetime property.

It goes up for Auction late February 2018, we will certainly update this blog post and let you know what the final damage was.

If you are interested in a Virtual Tour for your business please reach out via phone on 1300 850 353 or via email [email protected]

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